Friday, August 12, 2016

Today's Logical Fallacy is... Sending the Wrong Message!

This fallacy argues that a statement or action is wrong because it will “send the wrong message,” regardless of how correct, important, or true that statement or action is. The message that is, in fact, being sent is that their position is both fraudulent and fragile that it can be destroyed by truth. If your control of a population is based on the fear of them knowing the truth, you have no real control - nor should you.


"Actually, we're losing the war, but if we admit it we'll be sending the wrong message to our enemies."

“Of course the war on drugs has actually given more power to the cartels, but if we admit that, then we’ll send the wrong message!”

“Abortion rates decrease with increased access to birth control, but that sends the message that teenagers should have sex with no consequences. We can’t have that.”

“The evidence for evolution is overwhelming, but if we tell that to our congregations, then we’ll be sending them the message that the Bible is flawed. We can’t do that.”

“Convicting prostitutes does absolutely no good against the sexual exploitation and sex trafficking because they’re victims themselves, but we can’t just let them go. People will think we’re okay with it.”

“If doctors are allowed to engage in euthanasia, then we’ll be saying that it’s okay to kill people. We can’t send that message.”

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