Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Herd Immunity: No, It's Not a Hoax

Contrary to popular belief, getting an immunization isn't a magic shield that will forever keep you from catching that virus. Of course, that is undoubtedly the ultimate goal of vaccines, but we're not there yet. The vaccines we have are very effective, but they're not perfect: most people who are vaccinated are fully immune, but a very small portion are only partially immune and may still be susceptible to disease (though they are able to fight off the disease more successfully if they do get it). Because vaccines are not perfect, some people tend to think that they are a big hoax perpetrated by "big pharma" and "big government." This fear is compounded when people misunderstand concepts like herd immunity and have a limited understanding of how vaccines work.

Real Vaccine Victims

I don't believe that a food service worker must be required to wash his hands after using the bathroom. After all, he is capable of making educated choices about his life and his body.

Oh, wait.