Friday, July 22, 2016

Today's Logical Fallacy is... Appeal to Privacy!

(Mind Your Own Business - MYOB; You're Not the Boss of Me; Taboo)      

This fallacy prohibits discussion of your own behavior or viewpoints because it is private and thus “None of your business,” regardless of how dangerous, corrupt, absurd, or offensive it is. While freedom to think and act independently is essential in a successful society, this freedom doesn’t necessarily come without consequences. Some viewpoints and behavior doesn’t necessarily end with you and can have ripple effects on others and are therefore subject to scrutiny.   


“So what if I was driving 25 over the speed limit? It’s none of your business. You’re not a cop.” (Your right to drive doesn’t supersede the right of others to have safe roads, and if you drive recklessly, then you may lose your right to drive.)

“What I do in my own home is none of your concern.” (If what you do in your own home includes harming children or other adults, then it absolutely is someone else’s concern.)


  1. Yep- there is the true terror of Fascistic science for you- "society" has the right to know every last little thing about you, and if you claim privacy in the slightest, its some egghead "star chamber" decision you have committed a "logical fallacy"...

  2. That's not at all what the writer said. The fallacy occurs when someone behaves badly in a way that does or could affect other people, but then considers their behavior to be beyond reproach, when it is not.