Thursday, June 18, 2015

Changing Times

I know, I've been absent for the past few months. Between getting the Evolution/Religion lecture finished and posted, getting ready to start my PhD at the University of Kentucky, and getting ready to move, I've been *super* busy. So I'm sorry. Don't worry; I'll be back posting regularly soon.


I did want to let everyone know that the blog itself is shifting a bit in its emphasis. I've focused the past year on science and religion, and I'll continue to write on that, but there are other things that I think are important: religion itself, science outside of the context of religion, politics, culture. You know, life. So the title has been changed to "A Believing Scientist" (same web address), and you'll find a wider range of things being posted here. Especially since I've dropped the pseudonym I used in the beginning ("Rose Huxley"). You can expect to see a bit more of... well, me. I hope you enjoy it. 

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